September PPC match results…

Next to the last match of the season down in Seaford, DE. The weather was great and I was ready.. until I was not. My first two relays were horrible. I just couldn’t get my head into it. I was hoping my third and last relay for the day would help.

I started off with an almost perfect Stage “A”.

9-9-17 A.JPG

Then we moved back to the longer ranges for Stage “B”. As usual, the barricade portion was giving me fits. I was pushing my pistol too much against the wood. My group ballooned into a shotgun pattern. The resulting three “8”s and a “7” garnered me a dismal 459-23X. My high average remains at 463 points which trails the previous year’s 467 points. Come on October!

9-9-17 B

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