August Swiss Rifle match results…

Part of today’s competition consisted of the Feldschiessen. Fired in two strings, it gets faster as it progress.

8-26-17 Feldschiessen (2)

While I did get loose on the first run, I kept everything in the black on the second half. My score of 61 points earns me another Karte for the season!

8-26-17 Feldschiessen (1)

The tough part of the competition is the zwei stellung Meisterschaft match. The first half is the Einselwettschiessen, fifteen rounds in fifteen minutes fired from the prone position. I turned in a score of 137 out of a possible 150!

8-26-17 Einzellwettschiessen

The second half of the Meisterschaft is fifteen rounds in fifteen minutes from the kneeling position.

8-26-17 Meisterschaft Match (3)

I took all of my time to fire the fifteen shots. I started out great but I began to tire as the stage wore on. I managed to keep all but one in the black. Finally, it was over. I paced nervously as the score was tallied as I knew it would be close. With two points to spare, I turned a Meisterschaft medal score!

8-26-17 Meisterschaft

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