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Schützenfest results…

Saturday’s Schützenfest was a grand time as always. My 1942 K31 did it’s part well. Me, well that is another story. I did and I didn’t. I was happy with the Feldschiessen match. The B4 target; despite the superimposed A10 scoring … Continue reading

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Something a bit different…

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to see if I could repair an old pistol of his. The finish was atrocious and there were no grips on it. A 7.65mm CZ 27 from Prague, Czechoslovakia. More specifically, the top … Continue reading

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Police Pistol Combat results…

Today’s PPC match in Seaford was a big improvement over last month. My first relay was a throw away with a dismal 446-24X. My second was better and the resultant 457-17X improved my average. My third foray was my best … Continue reading

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