World War 1 match practice…

Next Saturday is the last rifle match of the 2021 season. After last month’s World War 1 match. I was in second place. Since the match takes place in November and December, it provides some options. You can shoot a rifle from one side of the war in November and shoot one from the enemy side in December. There are two awards at the match completion. In my case I have only one World War 1 rifle in my collection. Thus, I can fire my 1916 SMLE in both months for the one award I am eligible for.

I am using my .303 handloads using Lehigh Defense 150gr. Match Solid bullets.

100 yards.

Zoomed in. This is about how it looks when I am behind the rifle.

Ten rounds. The lower of the top two holes in the V ring is a double. A score of 50-9v out of a possible 50-10V!

My rear sight elevation setting for point of impact intersecting with point of aim. I had experimented with raising the elevation and aiming at the bottom edge of the target for better sight picture definition. But the offset was too great and messed with my cheek weld. So I will stick with what works best. Put the white nasal area of the target on top of the front sight post, and squeeze.

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November rifle match results

Not a good day for me, mostly.

In the M1 Cup match, my biggest problem was in the sitting rapid fire stage. For me, the sitting position causes me problems with maintaining consistent sling tension. As a result, my shot group opened up all over the target.

In the World War 1 rifle match I fared better. My performance is hampered by the short sight radius of my Lee-Enfield SMLE. But this is the only WW1 era rifle in my collection, if only I could find a M1917! But as it stands I did place second… way below the first place shooter. But I will have another stab at it in December/

In the Swiss Schützenfest, I came away with nothing. I missed the cut in the Feldschiessen by one point!

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October rifle match results…

Last Saturday’s rifle match had mixed results.

The CMP match was a wash. I did everything wrong and my score was a travesty.

The President’s Match; fired with iron sights only and no sighter shots, was an improvement though. For the first five shots in the offhand relay though, I mashed the trigger sending my shots high. The last five were better but the damage was done. A so-so score of 82-0X was my reward.

In the rapid fire prone stage I shanked the very first shot before remembering how to shoot. Total score: 87-0X.

Last relay for the match. slow fire prone. Should have been in the mid 90’s. The resultant 82-0X added to a meager tally of 251-0X out of a possible 300-0X.

In the Swiss Schützenfest I went 50/50. Despite putting three rounds out of the black during the Feldschiessen, I posted a score high enough to earn me another Karte for the record book.

In the Einzelwettschiessen however, there would be no joy. I needed to fire at least a 91 out of 100 to beat my current high score of 90. After I fired my sixth round, I was already down 10 points. No point in wasting the last four rounds of GP11 ammunition. Next month is the last chance at a higher Einzelwettschiessen score and a possible shot at the Meisterschaft.

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2021 Police Pistol Combat Finale…

Well, that’s it for the 2021 Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association season.

The last match day has come and gone. As is my custom, I fired three relays. two which did not help my high average at all. Out of a possible 480-48X, I recorded scores of 459-15X and 464-25X.


The remaining attempt was not in vain.

Stage “A”

I dropped only four shots out of the “X” ring to score as “10”s. Yes, that “9” at 3 o’clock actually touches the “10” ring! Once again, thank heavens for big fat bullets! The resultant 180-14X made me very happy.

Stage “B”

The first half of the stage was 12 rounds in 20 seconds at the 15 yard line. Nothing but “X”s and “10”s!

The second half was the 25 yard barricade. Six rounds kneeling from the right side of the barricade, six rounds standing from the left side(my personal nemesis) and six rounds standing from the right. When the cease fire whistle blew, my target looked like this. As we walked down to the target line, my focus was on that maybe “8” at 1 o’clock. Again that big .451″ bullet broke the line giving me a “9”.

The total for the relay was an excellent 472-25X. My highest score for the year!

Averaged in with a 469-26X from April and a 470-21X from June, my season high average comes to 470.33 points @ 97.98%, higher than last year!

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September Rifle Match results…

Service Rifle Match

I opted to fire the match with my AR-15A2.

My first five of ten record shots in the slow fire standing position were all in the black. The last five however grew progressively looser. I finished with a mediocre 83-0X.

Moving next into the prone position for the rapid fire stage. A magazine of two rounds followed by a magazine of eight rounds in 70 seconds. Leaning too much against my rifle sling, the resultant group moved left. So, I finished up with an OK 91-1X.

The last stage of the match is prone slow fire. My group was better centered but not tight enough in the smaller scoring rings of the simulated 600 yard target. Another score of 91-1X was recorded.

Out of a possible 300-30X, my official tally for the match was a 265-2X @ 88.3%.

The President’s Rifle Match.

I sucked. I blew it. I picked up my rifle and dropped my brain! Nothing more to say here.

Swiss Schützenfest

Time to rack my AR-15A2 and bring my 1942 K31 to the firing line.

I had previously qualified in the Obligatorisches Programm so I sat back and relaxed while other competitors attempted to pass the Swiss Army qualification course. Once everyone was done it was time for the Feldschiessen. Fired on the novel B4 silhouette target, the course speeds up as it progresses. Six rounds slow fire then three rounds sustained fire. Another three rounds of sustained fire and finished with six rounds rapid fire. The target is scored as follows.

With exception of a lone “2” that I yanked, I am happy with my score of 60 points. It made the medal score cut off and is my best so far for this season. So now I have earned six Kartes for my wall and at least a silver medal. There are two months left to fight it out over who gets the lone gold medal.


A slow fire prone match, it is fired on the Swiss A10 target. The scoring rings are much tighter than on comparable NRA targets. The match can be fired with either 10 or 15 rounds. I started out well with a pair of “10”s. The following several shots were “8”s and “9”s. Then it happened. I mercilessly mashed the trigger and sent the 7.5mm bullet out of the black to score a lousy “4”! Now I am in trouble. Surveying the damage through my spotter’s scope, I know I won’t make the cut off of 84 points for ten shots with the remaining rounds. I will have to fire the extra five rounds and pray for at least a 126.

Did I do it? Not even close. A craptastic 106-0X. But out of five attempts this season, I did make the cut three times with scores of 85, 88 and 90 points. So I am guaranteed at least a silver medal. But in the remaining months of the season I will need a really good 15 shot score so I can attempt the Meisterschaft match.

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September Pistol Match Results…

Today was the next to last match of the 2021 season.

I went into today’s competition with a season high average of 467.33 points @ 97.36%. My average for last year was 467.66 points @ 97.43%. So close!   

Two of my runs this morning did nothing to help me out. Earlier in the year, sure. But today I needed to score at least a 464 to be of any benefit.

My best run of the day kicked off great in Stage “A” with zero points down. A near perfect 180-15X!

The first half of Stage “B” was smooth with only a lone “9” so far. In fact, it was the “9” just outside the “10” ring at 4 o’clock. The second half of the stage was the 25 yard barricade. Six rounds kneeling from the right side, no sweat. Reload, stand up and switch hands to fire around the left side. Always my most difficult part. I slowed down and struggled for six smooth trigger squeezes. A couple felt sloppy. With time running out. I reloaded and transitioned the pistol back to my right hand. All six felt good as I finished the match. Once the line was cleared we headed down to score. There they were, just like I knew they would be. A pair of .45 caliber bullet holes low in the “8” ring. When the score was tallied and signed off by the scorer I was rewarded with a 467-24X!

With only next month’s match left in the season, my high average inched up to 468.66 points @ 97.63%!   

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August Rifle match results…

The rainy day started off with the CMP rifle match. I did fair. In the standing stage, I posted a score of 83-0X. In the rapid fire prone I fired a 91-1X. In what should of been my best stage; the slow fire prone, I fired a meager 86-1X. A match total of 260-2X out of a possible 300-30X.

Next up was the Armalite Rifle Match. Consisting of a bullseye stage and a combat stage, I managed to come in at 2nd place!

Today’s triple header ended with the Swiss Schützenfest.

I did not have to fire the Obligatorisches Programm as I had already qualified earlier in the season.

The first event for me was the Feldschiessen. Alas, I got loose towards the end and missed the cutoff by one point!

But I did make the grade in the Einzelwettschiessen. Despite my sending one way out into the “5” ring, my score of 85-1X was good enough!

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August PPC results…

It was scorching hot today and the dew was boiling up off the grass beneath our feet. Not optimal match weather to say the least. As usual, I fired three relays. 144 rounds for record. My first run was a throw away. 454 points out of a possible 480. My current high average for the season is 467.33 points @ 97.36%. I was going to have to post a score of at least 464 to be of any help in my fight to remain State Champion.

My second attempt started out better but the dreaded left hand barricade stage doomed me to a score of 454-22X. The Seaford heat was hampering everyone’s score but that is no excuse.

One last run for the day. Do or die.

Stage “A”

I took every second of allotted time and posted a near perfect stage score of 180-15X!

Stage “B”

The first half of the stage went well, only dropping 5 points. So a total score of 475 was… possible. Just be perfect!

Note to self… never forecast the outcome.

The stage and match finishes up with the barricade. 6 rounds kneeling from the right side, 6 rounds standing left handed from the left side and 6 rounds standing from the right side. The first six went smoothly. I reloaded and transferred my Kimber M1911 to my left hand, supported by my right hand. Rounds 1 and 2 felt good. Number 3 was sloppy. The next pair felt pretty good. I jerked number 6!. Reloading with my last magazine, I surveyed my target. The group appeared centered around the “X” ring. Except, for two holes low right. From the distance I could not be sure if they were “7”s or “0”s. Nothing to do but shake them off and finish the match.

Never give up, ever!

My last 6 rounds of .45ACP thundered down range and I finished with about five seconds left on the clock. As I walked down to the target, two big holes were staring at me from 4 o’clock. One of those big .451″ bullets kissed the scoring ring awarding me with seven points. The other busted the silhouette’s left elbow and scored a big, fat zero.

My total for the third relay was a disappointing 459-22X.

No joy in Mudville tonight.

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July Rifle Match results…

I started my day off using my 1942 M1903A3 Springfield rifle.

As per custom, we began with the CMP rifle match firing the “A” course. I did NOT have my game face on and I turned in a measly 251 out of a possible 300 points. No joy here.

Immediately following was the World War II Memorial match. The competition is fired over two month. This gives competitors an opportunity to fire an Allied rifle one month and an Axis rifle the next month. Having no Axis rifle of my own, I elected two shoot two different Allied rifles. I emerged from last month’s match in the lead with my M1 Garand!

Nothing is forever as Karl edged me by three points this month to knock me down to 2nd place. He is a great shot so I cheerfully tip my hat to him.

The day’s festivities are concluded with the Swiss Schützenfest.

I was not required to to shoot in the Obligitorisches Programm as I had already qualified with my 1937 K31 earlier in the season.

In the Feldschiessen match I got a little loose but I held it together enough to earn yet another Karte for my trophy wall!

Next up was the Einzelwettschiessen. A slowfire match on the dreaded A10 target. The X-ring is the size of the 7.5x55mm Swiss cartridge case head!

The match is either 10 or 15 rounds for record. If 15 rounds are fired, the shooter may elect to fire another 15 rounds on a second A10 target in the kneeling position. The combined 30 round score makes up the Meisterschaft match. I had barely posted a medal score in May. Last month, I did not make the cut.

This month was going to be different. My first shot was a “10”. Then two more “10”s, followed by an almost perfect “X”! Continuing forward, I elected to not review my hits with the spotting scope at my side. I knew the rifle was holding the “10” ring as long as I did my job. I fired six more rounds in 60 second intervals. Ten rounds for record complete. Time to look through the scope. I could only see eight bullet holes! There was no way I put two shots off the reservation! I elected to halt there and call it a day.

The match director was able to find two near perfect doubles in the shot group. My final score was a 90-1X! With a possible gold medal score today and four more chances in the rest of the season, the Meisterschaft may be in my reach. I’ll keep looking over my shoulder for Karl though.

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Test day….

Recently, I wrote about having to use a new bullet for my .303 British rifles since the Sierra MatchKings were not to be found. I loaded a series of rounds with powder charges of IMR-4895 from 38.0 grains to 40.0 grains in 1/2 grain increments. I was hoping to come up with a common loading that I could use in both my SMLE No. 1, MkIII and my No. 4, MkI.

As it worked out, I was successful! 38.5 grains was the most accurate in both rifles. The best prone slung group being this!

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