Police Pistol Combat May results…

For a dreary day, at least the rain held off until we we’re just finishing up!

As is the norm, I fired three relays today. My first was an improvement over last month. I was happy to start the day with a 461-21X out of a possible 480-48X. Feeling good, I strove to do better. My second relay rewarded me with a 466-23X! Going in to the third relay, I was calm and focused.

Stage “A” is fired at the 3- and 7-yard lines. I almost cleaned it with a 180-16X.

Stage “A”

Stage “B” is fired at the 15- and 25-yard lines. At the 15-yard line I had all 10’s and X’s. Backing up to the 25-yard barricade is where it all matters. The first six rounds kneeling strong hand from the right side of the barricade felt good. I reloaded and stood up, transitioning my pistol to my weak hand. Six rounds from the left side of the barricade did not feel as good. One more reload and back to the right side. My last six rounds for record went smoothly.

Once the line was cleared, we trudged down to the target line to survey the damage. Approaching my target, I could see a pair of 8’s bracketing the “9” ring. My group was well centered. The total for the relay was a 466-25X.

So, my high average moves up from 457.00 points @ 95.20% to 464.33 points @ 96.73%.

Stage “B”

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CMP Eastern Games, Day Three…

My last day at the Games. The first event of the day is the Modern Military Rifle match. My AR-15A2 garnered me a Bronze medal on day one. Perhaps I can improve upon that today.

I started out well in the slow fire prone with a 96-2X out of a possible 100-10X.

Continuing into the rapid fire prone, I was happy with a 94-1X.

I got a little loose in the offhand with a bunch of ”8”s and a ”6”! But the 81-0X was just enough for a tally of 271-3X and another Bronze medal.

After lunch, it was time for my 1943 M1 Carbine to shine in the CMP Carbine match

I should have done better in the slow fire prone than a 90-1X.

I fared better in the rapid fire prone but that lone “5” down low brought what should have been at least a 96 down to a 92-1X.

Again, with a lone “5” down low! I should have made a 90 but I would have to be satisfied in the rapid fire sitting with an 85-0X.

Offhand, this would make or break me. The wind was at my back gusting hard. It was challenging to hold the featherweight carbine steady in the wind. It was ugly, but they all scored. The shotgun group on my target translated into a mediocre 76-0X

Under the windy conditions with such a lightweight carbine I am happy with the resultant 343-2X

So, my wee carbine earned herself yet another Silver medal!

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CMP Eastern Games, Day Two…

Ok, a new day. A double header today with my 1943 M1 Garand leading off.

In the slow fire prone stage, I started ok but immediately shanked a pair of “7”s down low. That hurt, but not terminally. A pair of “8”s, then “10”s and a “9”. A stage total of 86-0X is NOT the way to start out!

Rapid fire. Ten rounds in 80 seconds with a reload. I rushed my first shot with a “7” high left. I snapped out of it and got back to business with “10”s and “9”s. A lousy “8”, again high left spoiled a good comeback. A 91-0X helped but I would have to do great in the offhand in order for any bling to come my way.

Offhand. Did I mention in a previous post about how it is my usual downfall? Halfway through I knew it was over, but you never give up. The new mission is to lose by the least amount possible. An atrocious stage total of 71-0X made my failure official.

Combat effective? Yes. Competitive? Not even close.

Time to shake that debacle off. Second up was my 1943 M1903A3 Springfield.

And it starts with an “8”. Really?

Fortunately, I got my head back in the game with “9”s, “10”s and a pair of “X”s! A 94-2X soothed my beat-up ego.

Rapid fire prone did not help with all those “8”s. A stage total of 85-0X meant I was running an 89.5% average. Not good enough.

Offhand was do or die. Leading off with an “8” did not bode well. But it was evened out with the following “10” and “9”.

Until…. I missed.

WAY down low around 5 o’clock was a black half circle just missing the five-ring. That did it, I was done. But the match wasn’t, and I had six more .30-06 cartridges to fire. So, fire them I did but my focus was gone. I even shanked one just outside the 7-ring.

The resultant 254-2X would not garner any award for me. So today was a wash but there remains tomorrow with a rifle match in the morning and the M1 Carbine match just after noon.

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CMP Eastern Games, Day One…

Once again, I am in the wilds of Butner, North Carolina. Go down Range Road until the you see the M110 self-propelled howitzer on your right.

Hang a right into Camp Butner.

The Rifle Games are fired on the 200-yard line.

With only one rifle match today, I elected to start off with my AR-15A2. Ten rounds slow fire in ten minutes in the prone position. Dropping four points, I finished the stage with a 96-1X out of a possible 100-10X.

Next up was the rapid-fire prone stage. Ten rounds in 80 seconds. I rushed it a bit and leaned too much against my rifle sling. As a result, I pushed a couple “9”s and an “8” to the right. My fault but I am OK with the 92-1X.

Last stage… My Achilles Heel… Offhand.

Standing without support firing ten rounds in ten minutes. I started off ok with a trio of “9”s. Then an “8” followed by a “9” and another “8”.

Then I heard my brain loudly say… “OK, “8”s and “9”s. Keep that up and we’ll finish in the mid “80”s.” I have to stop listening to my brain, I know that. Well, my next shot went way high and landed in the six-ring! With three rounds left to fire and a bit over four minutes left, I closed my eyes and spent thirty seconds going blank. I loaded a round into the chamber and shouldered my rifle. Opening my eyes, the target hovered just over my front sight post. The rifle cracked and the let off felt good. The monitor showed a solid “10”!

OK, that offset the “6” and I’m back to “9”s and “8”s. Feeling better, I finished the stage with a pair of “9”s.

The final score of 274-2X was enough to squeak my way into a Bronze Medal!

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2022 DLEMA Season Opener…

Today was the first day of the 2022 Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association competitive season.

And as is customary, the first order of business is to present the awards from the previous year. I am now two thirds of the way to a championship hat trick!

I did fire one relay today with my revolver. I cleaned Stage “A” but completely folded during Stage “B”. Firing from the left-hand side of the barricade, I pushed six rounds far left and turned the relay into a 425 point throw away. No score to be sent into the NRA for qualification to say the least. More practice needed!

With my Kimber 1911, things went much better.

I fired three relays as usual. My first was a mediocre 453-12X out of a possible 480-48X. My second foray was better with a 458-19X.

My best run should have been better. The three 9’s at the 7-yard line was from me rushing against the clock. The Range Officer even commented to me that I had 8 seconds left when I ran my pistol dry! A 177-12X out of a maximum of 180-18X is not good.


I would have to really bear down to mitigate the loss of three EASY points! Twelve rounds at 15 yards garnered nothing but 10’s and X’s! The barricade string of fire at 25 yards has always been my Achilles Heel. Six rounds kneeling from the right side of the barricade followed by six more left-handed standing from the left side. The string is finished with six rounds standing from the right side. I knew I jerked three rounds, one incredibly so. When the line was cleared, we trod downrange to score each other’s targets. There they were. A hole in the 7-ring at 9 o’clock. Another hole was just inside the 8-ring at 4 o’clock. And there on the way far right was a single bullet hole just barely touching the 7-ring. Thank heavens for big fat .451″ bullets! Because of this Hail Mary shot, my resultant total was 460-18X! This year my high average starts out at a so-so 457.00 points @ 95.20% I will need to bring my average up 14 points to beat this past year’s score.


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Load testing…

Yesterday morning I got the chance to test several different new loadings for my Colt Python.

The bullet I am using is the 150gr polymer coated round nose loaded into .357 Magnum cases.

I was satisfied with 3.3 grains of Sport Pistol powder

A nice uniform group at 25 yards.

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My father: 1st Lt. (at the time) John T. Clancy, was a B-17 bombardier during World War II.

Note his serial number on his records. Upon his promotion to Captain, he had it and his name etched onto the blade of his Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife.

When I left the Ordnance Corps and joined the Infantry, I felt I should carry a proper personal blade as well. I acquired a Gerber Mark II that did not have the politically correct serrations on the wasp-waisted blade. Alas, Gerber did not offer a blade etching option like Wilkinson Sword.

Like my father’s blade, my Gerber was designed for one purpose only. For more pedestrian tasks I also carried my issued M7 bayonet. Over time I acquired another M7 in a bet which I turned into supply at the end of my service. This is the actual bayonet that rode on my web gear for so many years.

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PPC match information update…

I just got this in the mail today For those of you who inquired, it is official. DLEMA will be having NRA Production Duty Optic Pistol competition this year.

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Revolver ammunition development…

This year I will make an effort to get my NRA Police stock revolver classification.

The stock revolver match prohibits the use of wadcutter ammunition. So, I will be using a polymer coated RN bullet.

I have two test loads finished so far utilizing Alliant Sport Pistol gunpowder.

The blue primers are 3.5grs. of powder. The blue stripe denotes a powder charge of 3.4 grs.

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Fun in the sun with guns!

Here is the 2022 outdoor season schedule for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association.

APR 9, MAY 14, JUN 11, JUL 9, AUG 13, SEP 10, OCT 8

Open to police and civilians alike. Beginners are welcome. We shoot the NRA stock auto/revolver course of fire. Forty-eight rounds on a B-27 target from 3 to 25 yards.
All magazines or speed loaders are loaded with 6rds.

String #1: 6rds from the holster standing strong hand only in 8 seconds at 3yds.

String #2: 12rds from the holster with 2 hands standing in 20 seconds at 7yds.

Score and repair target.

String #3: 12rds from the holster with 2 hands standing in 20 seconds at 15yds.

String #4: 18rds from the holster with 2 hands in 90 seconds at 25yds. First 6rds are kneeling right side barricade. Second 6rds are standing left hand barricade (trigger must be manipulated with the left hand). Last 6rds are standing right hand barricade.

Score and tally results

All handguns must be at least .35 caliber. No full power magnum ammunition allowed. No cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed.

The yearly dues are $20.00 which pays for the awards at the end of the year. The first relay of the day is $15.00, any subsequent relays for the day are $5.00. We compete once a month at the Naticoke Sportsman’s range in Seaford, DE. For any questions, contact Gene Esham @ 302-381-7711

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