September Rifle Matches

The rifle matches last weekend were held up in Bucks County. Unfortunately; the first two matches, the National Match Course and the Norwegian Stangskyting did not end well for me. In both cases, I was well below par. I did not have my game face on to say the least! I did fairly well in the Swedish Prisskjutning match though. The last competition was the Swiss Schützenfest. I had already qualified in the Obligatorisches so I opted to relax while other qualified. My first Swiss match for the day would be the Feldschiessen. The first half is both slow and timed fire. My first shot out of the gate was almost dead center in the “X” ring. As the match proceeded, I got looser. Happily, the wild shot to the right just clipped the black giving me a higher score.

9-23-17 Feldschiessen (1)

The second portion of the Feldschiessen is both timed and rapid fire. The first three rounds were two shots in the “9” ring and a perfect bullseye. The rapid fire rounds spread but everyone cut black. While not my highest Feldschiessen score, it was good enough to earn me another Karte.

9-23-17 Feldschiessen (2)

The next match was the Einzelwettschiessen. I started off really well but struggled at the end. That “6” off to the right did me in. I missed the cut off by one point!

9-23-17 Einzellwettschiessen



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