Swiss Schützenfest

Since I had already qualified on the Obligatorisches Programm I relaxed while others took the test. Last month I had fired a medal score on the Feldschiessen. Now was a chance to raise my score for the end of season awards.


The first half is six rounds slow fire followed by three rounds timed fired. Three “4”s and six “3”s, not bad.

6-10-17 Swiss (1)

The second half is three rounds timed fired followed by six rounds rapid fire . Three “2”s down low would not help my high score. But it was good enough to earn me a second Karte for the season!

6-10-17 Swiss (6)

Next was the Einzelwettschiessen. I was doing good until my last three rounds. Two “6”s and that “5” killed it. So; the matches are done for the day, but the battle will continue to see who will be der Schützenkönig!


6-10-17 Swiss (4)

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