June Hanseatic Rifle Match: Stangskyting

The second half of the Hanseatic matches is the Norwegian Stangskyting. Apparently, the Norwegians feel that NRA rapid fire is agonizingly slow. Two runs of 16 rounds in twenty-five seconds with two reloads. Since I do not have a G-3 or a 6.5mm Krag, I fired my M1 Garand since it was used by Norway’s military. In order for me to comply with the two reload rule, I have to start with my Garand empty. Upon the fire command, I load the first clip of eight rounds, fire on the triangle target, reload and fire the last eight on the same target within the 25 second time limit. No problem.

I was pushing hard against the sling and pulled my group to the left.

6-10-17 Stangskyting A

The second run is done just like the first but now on the “toilet seat” target. I was slow on the second reload and did not get all my shots off.

6-10-17 Stangskyting B.JPG

But apparently the others on the firing line did not fare well as I had the high score so far. To finish the match is the elimination stage or Felturtigskyting. Two rounds each on an array of five targets with a reload during the stage. No time limit but who ever fires all ten first calls a ceasefire for everyone else! I had the lead but I wanted to shut the others down as fast as possible.

The Felturtigskyting starts with the rifle loaded with the safety applied. With the fire command, shooters go from the position of attention at order arms to the prone position and have at it.

I fired my first two carefully and then the rifle was empty as the clip ejected. I slammed the new full clip in and hammered away firing fast pairs towards each of the four remaining targets. And then it was over. Half of my machine-gunned rounds scored. Total for the Hanseatic matches was a 232 giving me the day’s win with a big lead over second place!

6-10-17 Prisskjunting Score (2)

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