June Hanseatic Rifle Match: Prisskjutning

Every other month, Bucks County Fish & Game Association holds it’s Hanseatic matches. No shooting coats, gloves or rests are allowed. The first half is the Swedish Prisskjutning match combining precision and speed. The other competitors were using G-3s; but since the Swedes also use HK416s, I am allowed to use my AR-15A4. Part One is a pair of five round runs at 45 seconds each on the bullseye target. Using a 5.56mm rifle, my target was scored as both the “9” and “10” rings counting for 10 points. The remaining rings are scored as denoted. Shooters using rifles 6.5mm or larger get the “8” ring scored as a “10” as well. My first shot shanked high left but I held the rest together.

6-10-17 Prisskjunting Serie 1

Part Two is five rounds counting ten points each in fifteen seconds at a pair of foxhole Huns. If you get two hits on each target, you get a ten point bonus. I got the bonus points but blew the last shot.


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