Combat Rifle

The second rifle match yesterday was the Combat Rifle match held at BCF&GA. No sighters, alibis, shooting coats nor gloves allowed. Again, my M1 Garand was used. First stage is the slow fire supported prone, ten rounds in seven minutes on the 450 meter target. I shanked my first shot high left, then I remembered how to squeeze the trigger. Out of a possible 50-10V, I managed a 46-6V.

3-25-17 Combat rifle (2)

Stage two is the slow fire unsupported prone stage. Ten rounds in ten minutes fired on the 375 meter target.

OK, there are twenty bullet holes in my target. The competitor to my right cross fired onto my target. You can clearly see that there are two distinct groups on the target. Under the rules, he loses all ten record shots and the ten highest scoring shots go to me. So, I end the stage with a 49-5V.

3-25-17 Combat rifle (4)

Third stage is the rapid fire sitting fired in 55 seconds on the 180 meter target. The target represents a prone enemy facing you. I let one shot slide high scoring a three. The rest were combat effective giving me a stage total of 34-0V.

3-25-17 Combat rifle (5)

The final match stage is the standing snap course. Ten single shots are fired in five second exposures on the 90 meter target. For each shot, the rifle is held in the low ready position. On the command “Target”, you have five seconds to shoulder the rifle and get a single shot off before returning to the low ready position. After the first five exposures, you have the option to fire the last five from the kneeling position. I should have fired all ten standing. The bayonet fighter target is a pain to score. You really have to hold the target overhead and let sunlight illuminate the holes. My score for this endeavor was a 24-1V. Adding all four stages, I finish the match with a 152-11V out of a possible 200-40V.

3-25-17 Combat rifle (7)

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