Swiss Rifle season opener

Saturday was my first Swiss rifle match for the season.

As usual, the first part is the Obligatorisches Programm. Fired in two stages, it starts with five rounds slowfire on the A5 target. I blew it with a measly 18 points.

3-25-17 Swiss (1)

I did better on the second half. Fired on the target from alpine hell, the B4 target is a royal bitch. The general rule is that you better keep all your shots in the black if you want to do well. I jerked some rounds low for a sum of 35 points. Total for the qualifier, 55 points  Not good.

3-25-17 Swiss (2)

Following the Obligatorisches Programm is the Feldschiessen. This match gets faster as it progresses. The first half is six rounds slowfire followed by three rounds rapid fire.

3-25-17 Swiss (3)

The second half of the Feldschiessen is three rounds rapid fire and then six more rounds at a faster rapid fire. Total 51 points for no reward at all.

3-25-17 Swiss (4)

The finale for the day is the Einzelwettschiessen. I have yet to earn a medal in this match. Ten rounds prone unsupported in ten minutes. Same size target as the A5 but scored to ten points with tight rings. My 79 points did not get me where I needed to be.

All day long I have pulling shots low. Completely my fault as I continually mashed the trigger. But it was a great day and next time can’t get here fast enough!

3-25-17 Swiss (5)

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