National Match Course

My first rifle match for 2017 was the NMC match held at the Bucks County Fish and Game range in Doylestown, PA. For this match I opted to use my 1943 M1 Garand. Fifty rounds for record, the match is conducted in four stages. The first stage is slow fire standing, ten rounds in ten minutes. This always my weak spot. Today I pulled my shots low and turned in a score of 72-0X.


The second stage is the rapid fire sitting position. Ten rounds in 60 seconds. Here I improved, posting a score of 87-0X.


Up next is the rapid fire prone. Ten rounds in 70 seconds.You will notice that the scoring rings are tighter now. Score for the stage is 86-1X.

3-25-17 NMC Rapid Prone

The last stage is slow fire prone stage. Twenty rounds in twenty minutes with the scoring rings even tighter. I got loose towards the end with a tally of 124-0X. My match score for the day is a 369-1X out of a possible 500-50X. An abysmal 73.8%.

3-25-17 NMC Slow Prone

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