Loss of a good guy

I was just on the phone with Dillon Precision to talk to Tech Support about a part for my Dillon 550 reloading press. As always, their No BS Warranty remains in full effect despite the fact that I bought my press more than a quarter century ago! Getting ready for several rifle matches this weekend, I was in full production mode. After finishing the required number of rounds for both practice and competition, I continued on to finish out the thirty or so primers left in the feed tube. Ten rounds later, it happened. The bell crank broke!


I immediately called the 1-800 number on their website to seek help. The Tech was apologetic that the part failed and said a replacement part was on the way at no charge. While I was talking with the gentleman I saw a tab on their website titled “Remembering Mike Dillon”. Mr. Dillon had died yesterday morning. I had met Mr. Dillon at a DoD trade show many years ago. I was impressed with his genius in redesigning the GE Minigun system. As a 45L mechanic, I knew how temperamental the Vulcan could be.

Rest in peace Mike.


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