October CMP rifle match

Sunday’s CMP match started off well. The slow fire prone stage went smooth with me earning a decent 92-0X.


However; in the rapid fire standing to prone stage, everything fell apart.The first two shots felt good, but when I reloaded my Garand with a full clip of eight I forgot how to squeeze the trigger. I even yanked one off target! Needless to say I turned in an awful 74-0X.


I tried to settle myself down for the standing slow fire stage. Normally this stage is my weak spot but I managed to eke out a 76-0X.


All told, I ended the day with an abysmal 242-0X. A far cry from last month’s 270-5X! Below is a photo taken during the standing stage by my friend Chad. I am in the foreground wearing the blue blinker hat.



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