October Swiss rifle match

First up as always is the Swiss qualification test, the Obligatorisches Programm. The first target is the A5 bullseye. For this stage, the red scoring rings are used “1” through “5”.


The second half of the stage uses the infamous B4 silhouette target. The B4 is scored as shown at the upper left corner of the target.


Keep everything in the black and you are doing well. The combined score totaled 72 points, passing the qualification requirements easily!


Next in play is the field shoot, or Feldschiessen. Using two B4 targets, it gets faster as the stage progresses.


I got loose with one shot but it still scored three points. The match total of 68 points guarantees me a silver medal!


The last match of the day, the Einselwettschiessen. Ten shots in ten minutes on the A10 target. For this stage, the black scoring rings 1 through 10 are used. So now, scoring is twice as tight! I was doing well, right up to the end. My last two shots went wide scoring a pair of “4”s. Once again the Einselwettschiessen medal eludes me.

Come on November!




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