Combat effective? Yes. Competition worthy? Not even close.

Saturday the 13th was this month’s Police Pistol Combat match for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association. The match was fired at the Naticoke Sportsman’s range in Seaford, DE. Being August, the heat and humidity was off the chart. Attendance was down and several competitors only fired a single relay. Since I travel all the way from Newark, I stayed and fired my usual three relays.

In hind sight, I would have done better staying home in the pool! But here are the results of my best out of three relays.

Stage A of the relay is fired at  three and seven yards. I usually clean this stage but this time I let one shot slide to the right out into the “9” ring. So I end up with a 179-15X out of a possible 180-18X.


Stage B is fired from the fifteen and twenty-five yard lines. The first 12 rounds from the 15yd. line went well. The 18 shots from the 25yd. line, not so much. The heat was wearing me down and the sweat in my eyes was stinging. At the 25yd. line, six rounds are fired kneeling from the right side of the barricade. A second six are fired standing from the left hand side of the barricade with the pistol grasped in the left hand. The final six are launched standing from the right side of the barricade. The left hand portion is truly my weakness. The “7”s and “8”s impacting the right side of the target were fired from the left. Fortunately for the fat .452″ bullets, that stray shot in the shoulder touched the line and scored a “7” instead of a zero!

Alas, my best score of the day was a dismal 438-17X out of a possible 480-48X. A full thirty points down from my usual performance. So today’s efforts were of no help to my season’s high average 467 points @ 97.29%. Well, at least I have two more matches to go in the season to help my standings!


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