August Swiss Rifle match results

Today was the this month’s Swiss rifle match at Bucks Counts Fish & Game. The first part of the competition is the Swiss Army qualification course; the Obligatorisch match. Fired in two stages, the first stage is five rounds on the A5 target.

8-27-16 O1

The second stage is a total of fifteen rounds on the difficult B4 target.Despite the two flyers out of the black, I am still in good standing as far as the Swiss are concerned.

8-27-16 O2

The competition continues with the Feldschiessen fired in two stages on a pair of B4 targets.

8-27-16 F1

Unfortunately, I let a few drift causing me to miss my goal by four points.

8-27-16 F2

The day’s program concludes with the Einzelwettschiessen. Ten rounds in ten minutes fired on the A10 target. Alas, two flyers dashed my hopes of earning an award.

8-27-16 E


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