July M1 Garand match results

This month’s match had a smaller turnout as several shooters were at Camp Perry for the National Matches

We were starting off as usual with the slow fire prone stage. Ten rounds in ten minutes. My first two shots strayed a bit low with a pair of 8’s. But the rest went well for a total of 93-3X.

7-22 Prone

Now, in the rapid fire stage I should have done better. But I rushed it in far less than the 80 seconds permitted with numerous rounds stringing low. Where I should have been in the low 90’s, my stage total was an 84-0X.

7-22 Rapid

Last stage, slow fire standing. Usually, this is where Murphy shows up. But today I kept it together using all ten minutes allotted to me. With the standing position being my weak link, I was happy with the resultant 84-1X. My total for the day was a 261-4X.

7-22 Standing




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