July PPC Stock pistol match results

This past Saturday was the July match for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association. Held at the Naticoke Sportsman’s range in Seaford, the day’s weather was ghastly. The heat and humidity of the day made me opt to wear my Camelbak throughout the match. As usual, I fired three relays. The first relay was atrocious with a total score of 453-18X out of a possible 480-48X. The second one was much better with a tally of 461-20X. My third go at it would have to be better than that if my high average was going to improve. Stage “A” of the last relay was an almost clean 180-16X


Stage “B” was where I needed to keep it together. But back at the 25 yard line barricade was the weak side string of fire. This is my “Pas/Fail”. Two “8”s and a “7” did me in garnering a relay total of 463-24X. Looking at my high averaging of 468-30X, 468-24X and 465-25X, I need at least 466 points to improve even the slightest. Oh well, three more matches remain in the season!


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