Eastern Games, Day Three…

Today was another double header. I started the morning by firing my K31 in the last Vintage Military Rifle match.


The guy on the next firing position likes Swiss rifles as well!


The match started out well with a score of 94-2X in the slow fire prone stage. In the rapid fire stage I again rushed the clock, dropping 16 points. An 84 here is merely ok. To earn anything at this point means I have to do really well in the offhand stage. Unfortunately, this was not to be. A pair of “5”s dashed my hopes of at least a bronze medal.


The second match of the day was the M1 Carbine match. The Carbine is very light to carry into battle and thus difficult to shoot accurately in the standing position.



The first two stages went well scoring  a 92-1X and 86-0X respectively. The Carbine match has an additional stage to shoot. The sitting or kneeling rapid fire course. Most everyone; including myself, opts for the sitting position. While more accurate than kneeling, it is not the most comfortable position to fire in. I managed a 73-1X while sitting. This was followed by the dreaded standing stage. My resultant 74-0X gave me a total score of 325-2X. While respectable, it was three points shy of awarding my a bronze medal.


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