Eastern Games, Day Two…

Well, today started out on a drab note, rain!


My shooting partner, Scott Moore and I rolled the dice and opted to shoot first hoping that the heavy rain wouldn’t hit until we were down in the target pits.

As we were getting our gear on the firing line, the rain slowed to a fine misting. Scott fired first with me scoring his target. On and off through his shooting the weather threatened to cut loose on us. Once he was done, we switched places. Stage One: Slow fire prone. Fifteen minutes for five sighters and ten shots for record. All went well with only two “9”s and two “8”s bringing my score down to a 94-1X.

Stage Two: Rapid fire prone. The first five rounds felt good, but I rushed the remaining five as I thought I was running out of time. Three more “8”s appeared on my target giving me an 88-0X.

Stage Three: My personal Archille’s heel, the standing offhand. To earn anything today, I would need a decent score here.  My first shot was a “7”. Not great, but at least I was off and running without a major mistake. The next three rounds were a pair of “8”s and an”X”! Followed up by another”7″, I paused to refocus. Two more “10”s and another “X” lifted my spirits. Stupidly,  I mentally calculated my running total instead of concentrating on my next shot. Yup; you guessed it, I jerked the trigger in anticipation. The shot slid wide and landed way out in the “6” ring. I shrugged it off and focused solely on the last shot. Around two minutes remained on the clock. I chambered my last round and hoisted my 1943 M1903A3 Springfield rifle to my shoulder. The rifle settled on target with just a bit of left and right pendulum motion. Instead of trying to force the sights to sit still, I let the rifle waver naturally. Getting the rhythm down, I tripped the trigger just as the front sight passed the bullseye. The release felt good and the target dropped down into the pits. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the target rose back up showing the white spotter disc in the “10” ring! A total score of 268-3X earns me a bronze medal.





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