Eastern Games, Recap…

First and foremost, a massive high five to my friend and fellow competitor, Scott Moore. He came to the Games this year with a passion. He had been shooting fabulously in all of the matches. But when it came to the M1 Carbine match, all the planets aligned for him. His score was unheard of… a 383-6X out of a possible 400-40X! Second place wasn’t even close, a 370-8X.


So, naturally Scott won the match. But wait there’s more. He set a new National Record for the M1 Carbine! I tip my cap to my comrade.


I must mention one group at the Games working behind the scenes. Chris and his cohorts from the CMP Custom Shop were open for business at the armorer’s trailer. I had brought a second M1 Garand with me to Camp Butner. It was repatriated from Korea with a ratty stock and a worn out barrel that wouldn’t hold a decent group. Chris installed and headspaced a brand new barrel and fitted my new stock in an afternoon. After the M1 Carbine match was over, I handed mine over to him to diagnose an irritating failure to chamber/lock problem. I told him I was leaving to go home and he said said he would call me with the answer to what was malfunctioning.  For me, the tournament was a great time as always. The fact that I only brought home one bronze medal does not get me down. I had way too much fun and was priviledged  to share the firing line with some wonderful men and women.

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