Therapy and practicality…..

I went to the club the other day as I had gotten off work early and the weather was beautiful! I took my continually evolving Federal Ordnance 1911 to zero both the laser and the fixed iron sights.


Previously, the pistol had a similar slide with a prototype Springer Speed Sight in the rear dovetail. I swapped it for another USGI slide with a vintage Millett MkII fixed rear sight. Initial firing showed that the bullets were impacting almost 10″ low on the target. The front sight on the slide measured .250″ high, which I knew would have to be lowered. Using a fine flat jeweler’s file, I went to work drawing down the top surface of the front sight. File marks are faintly visible from above.


After about ten minutes of “file, shoot, and repeat”, the group steadily rose towards the point of aim. I was aiming 6 o’clock at the bottom of the bull and the center of this last group is about 1.5″ low. This is fine for its intended purpose as a house gun. Perhaps in the spring when PPC season starts, I will take the slide to my buddy Dale Annis. He can mill the top surface of the front sight perfectly square and remove any of my remaining file marks.


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