Best birthday present ever!

After the Swiss rifle match, Mary and I went to my nephew Logan’s birthday party. And what did I get him you ask? His very first .22 rimfire rifle of his own! A Marlin 795 Liberty Training Rifle.


The rifle features military style iron sights consisting of a post front sight flanked by protective ears. The rear sight is an adjustable ghost ring aperture.



No semi-auto rifle is complete without….. spare magazines! And do you think I would send him to the range with a pocket stuffed with mags? Of course not! So Mary took a surplus M9 Beretta dual magazine pouch and expertly shortened it. Along with the magazines, we supplied the young rifleman to be with several hundred rounds of ammunition and a certificate to attend a Project Appleseed marksmanship class.






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1 Response to Best birthday present ever!

  1. Now, that’s a great gift. Just add a teachable attitude and you’ve got the makings of a weekend experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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