How to end a season!

Today was my last CMP match for 2015. The weather at Kimberton was perfect and I felt good.

During the prep period, I got into position, adjusted my sling, and checked my rifle to make sure everything was ready to go. For some reason, those SR-1 targets did not look so small today.


After the initial five sighter shots to foul the barrel, the match commenced. First up, slow-fire prone. Ten rounds in ten minutes, loading one round at a time by hand. I used almost all of the allotted time earning a 94 with two “X”s, out of a possible 100 points!

Next stage was the rapid-fire prone.  Starting in the standing position, I loaded a clip of two rounds and closed the bolt on an empty chamber.  On the command to fire, I dropped down into the prone position and cycled the bolt to chamber the first round.  I fired the first two rounds and the bolt locked back with the now empty en-bloc clip ejecting with the historic pinging sound. With 80 seconds to fire ten rounds, I glanced through my spotting scope at the target. “No holes in the white. Good enough”. I slammed in a full clip of eight rounds and got back on target. I thought I had a good rhythm as each round thundered down range. Nope, I rushed it. I was done with a full twenty seconds left on the clock! Still, my score was decent. A 91-0X.

The last stage is my Achilles Heel. Slow-fire standing without support. Ten rounds in ten minutes, no sling allowed.  The first shot felt good, the second one didn’t, and so it went. Taking my time, I struggled through the stage. Numerous bullet holes were showing in the white. Finally, after the last shot, I set my rifle down. I was exhausted. Tally for the stage was an 85-1X!

My final score was a 270-2X! This was my highest score for the season!

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