M1 Garand match results…

Sunday was the season’s first CMP at Kimberton Fish & Game. First up was the prone slow fire relay. I fired a 91-0X out of a possible 100-10X.


Next up was the standing to prone rapid fire. I got a little sloppy and scored a 85-1X.

Yeah, that “5” at 6 o’clock was my first shot.


So far, so good. Then my personal nemesis, standing offhand. I couldn’t settle down for some reason and I wobbled all over the place. The result, a lousy 68-0X. Total for the match, a poor showing of a 244-1X.


A side note, one the competitors firing a carbine used his M1A1!



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2 Responses to M1 Garand match results…

  1. John, is Andy O’Brien still running the matches there? Really nice guy.

    Well, it was the first match of the year. You left yourself room to improve.

  2. Yes, Andy is still the match director and he is a really nice guy.

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