April Swiss rifle match….

Today was this month’s Swiss rifle match at the Bucks County Fish & Game facility. The matches are great fun and the match director Fritz always entertains and educates.


First up was the Obligatorisch match. I came up 14 points from last month to score a 67. This awards me the Swiss qualification certificate! Blow this relay in Switzerland and it’s back to school for you!

Next was the Feldschiessen match. While I did well last time, I had room for improvement. I went into the match determined to do better. Well, I did; with one point to spare, I turned in a medal winning score!

Well you know I couldn’t have a perfect day. When it was time for the Einselwettschiessen match I was ready…. not. Not only did I not improve, I droppped 13 points. Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear mauls you to shreds in the woods!


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2 Responses to April Swiss rifle match….

  1. Sounds like a fun day. A little competition would make shooting the K31 even more fun.

  2. More fun than we are allowed to have!

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