October rifle match results…

Last Saturday’s rifle match had mixed results.

The CMP match was a wash. I did everything wrong and my score was a travesty.

The President’s Match; fired with iron sights only and no sighter shots, was an improvement though. For the first five shots in the offhand relay though, I mashed the trigger sending my shots high. The last five were better but the damage was done. A so-so score of 82-0X was my reward.

In the rapid fire prone stage I shanked the very first shot before remembering how to shoot. Total score: 87-0X.

Last relay for the match. slow fire prone. Should have been in the mid 90’s. The resultant 82-0X added to a meager tally of 251-0X out of a possible 300-0X.

In the Swiss Schützenfest I went 50/50. Despite putting three rounds out of the black during the Feldschiessen, I posted a score high enough to earn me another Karte for the record book.

In the Einzelwettschiessen however, there would be no joy. I needed to fire at least a 91 out of 100 to beat my current high score of 90. After I fired my sixth round, I was already down 10 points. No point in wasting the last four rounds of GP11 ammunition. Next month is the last chance at a higher Einzelwettschiessen score and a possible shot at the Meisterschaft.

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2 Responses to October rifle match results…

  1. I always enjoy reading of your exploits on the range. You are out there making it happen. Thank you for posting! Well done! -Hal

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