2021 Police Pistol Combat Finale…

Well, that’s it for the 2021 Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association season.

The last match day has come and gone. As is my custom, I fired three relays. two which did not help my high average at all. Out of a possible 480-48X, I recorded scores of 459-15X and 464-25X.


The remaining attempt was not in vain.

Stage “A”

I dropped only four shots out of the “X” ring to score as “10”s. Yes, that “9” at 3 o’clock actually touches the “10” ring! Once again, thank heavens for big fat bullets! The resultant 180-14X made me very happy.

Stage “B”

The first half of the stage was 12 rounds in 20 seconds at the 15 yard line. Nothing but “X”s and “10”s!

The second half was the 25 yard barricade. Six rounds kneeling from the right side of the barricade, six rounds standing from the left side(my personal nemesis) and six rounds standing from the right. When the cease fire whistle blew, my target looked like this. As we walked down to the target line, my focus was on that maybe “8” at 1 o’clock. Again that big .451″ bullet broke the line giving me a “9”.

The total for the relay was an excellent 472-25X. My highest score for the year!

Averaged in with a 469-26X from April and a 470-21X from June, my season high average comes to 470.33 points @ 97.98%, higher than last year!

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