2021 Eastern Games, Day 3

Today is my last hurrah at the Games. My 1943 M1 Carbine is a proven past winner.

The M1 Carbine is not a full sized battle rifle like it’s big brother the M1 Garand. Generally considered to be the first personal defense weapon (PDW) in the US arsenal. Thus the carbine is fired at 100 yards… with tiny targets.

Stage 1: Slow fire prone. Being a light weapon, it doesn’t have the weight to hang steady. But I was pleased with the resultant 91 points.

Stage 2: Rapid fire prone. Ten rounds in 60 seconds. I started out a little loose, but got it together for the last six rounds for another 91 points.

Stage 3: Rapid fire sitting. Another ten rounds in a minute. I was doing really well until I shanked the last shot high into the “7” ring. But I finished with yet another 91!

Stage 4: Slow fire standing. Ten rounds in ten minutes. Here the carbine’s feathery weight really makes tight shooting difficult. Four “7”s and a lousy “5” did it’s damage. I manage to turn in a so-so 77.

Final score. 350 points.

That “5” on Stage 4 precluded me from earning a gold medal. So I head home with a single silver medal. Next year can’t get here fast enough!

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