2021 Eastern Games, Day 2

After raining all night, the skies started to clear just before the start of today’s competition.

I started today with a second try with my AR-15A2. In the slow fire prone, I let one “8” slip by. The resultant 94 points was ok.

For the rapid fire, another “8” marred my score netting me a 92.

The relay ended with the standing slow fire. With my first shot I committed a cardinal sin.

I cross fired onto my adjacent competitor”s target!

They told me that my errant shot was a “10”. But for my score it was a big ugly “0”.

Now my brain is vapor locked. Focus is out the window. My fourth shot; third on the tablet, went way high into the “5” ring. While I know that I am out of the running. I am claiming a minor victory by finishing with a “10”‘

257-2X with an AR-15… sad.

My second run was with my 1943 M1903A3 Springfield rifle. Happily, I only dropped three points for an excellent 97-3X!

Rapid fire. Ten rounds in 80 seconds with a reload. My group loosened up with a trio of “8”s. And then over the PA came those dreaded words “CEASE FIRE”.

I let myself run out of time. So instead of two possible “10”s….. a pair of goose eggs. 72 lousy points. With my personal nemesis; the standing position, coming up I knew it was over.

But we don’t ever quit. So with my inner peace now in a Level One Riot, I fought with the gusting wind and myself. All I needed to earn the Bronze was to shoot a perfect score. Yeah, right. I managed a couple of “9”s, so there’s that.

243 points. 81%. Ghastly.

So the rifles have shot their last. Tomorrow is the M1 carbine match. Perhaps the War Baby can bring home something shiny.

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