2021 Eastern Games, Day 1

My first of three days at the CMP Eastern Games. The weather was perfect for shooting! Even so, the targets look awfully small at 200 yards,

I started the day off with my AR-15A2. Ten rounds in ten minutes slow fire in the prone position.

Except for a single “8”, a good run.

The second stage of the match is the rapid fire prone. Ten rounds in 80 seconds with a reload, Unfortunately, I was pushing against my sling too much and my hits drifted south.

The last stage is the standing slow fire. Ten rounds in ten minutes. I forgot to take a picture of the score screen but as you can see, I choked. 79 points dashed any hopes for some bling. 265 out of a possible 300 points put the bronze out of reach.

My second relay for the day was with my 1943 M1 Garand.

Starting off with an “8” is not a good thing. But I rallied… until another one. Then I motored on until the last shot. Another damned “8”!

Rapid fire prone. Too many “8”s and a “7”.

Slow Fire Standing. My Achilles heel.

Too many loose shots did me in. Nothing from the awards table for me today.

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