Bucks County National Match course

Yesterday was the first official competitive outing with the Irish Armalite.

Not a match rifle by any means, she’s basically a stock A4 with a ho hum trigger. But it is a starting place.

5-27-17 NMC (2)

I started off in the slow fire standing with a 84-1X which I was happy with. Standing is usually my Archilles Heel. The next stage is the rapid fire sitting. Despite being uncomfortable, I managed an 86-1X. Rapid fire prone was a different story. I got loose and pulled several shots low, netting me a mere 64-0X. The last stage was twenty shots in the slow fire prone. A number of “8”s brought the tally down to a 180-1X.

Total for the morning was a 414-3X out of a possible 500-50X.

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