Bucks County Combat Rifle match

Immediately after the NMC, is the Combat Rifle match. No shooting coats, gloves or alibis permitted.

5-27-17 Combat rifle (3)

First stage is the slow fire supported prone on the 450m target. I fired a nearly perfect score of 50-9V! This is followed by the slow fire unsupported prone at the 375m target. Another great run garnering me a 48-4V.

Next is the rapid fire kneeling. Ten rounds in 55 seconds with one reload on the 180m target. I managed to nail down a 46-4V.  The last stage of the match is the snap fire. Five exposures of the 90m target at five seconds each.  The target is engaged from the standing position. This is followed five exposures at 4 seconds each fired while kneeling. I held it together enough to get a 41-3V.

Total for the day was a 185-20V out of a possible 200- 40V giving me the high score!


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