Zero Time…..

Earlier this week, I had both mine and Mary’s AR-15s out on the SCCSFA ranges. The following pictures are regarding Mary’s rifle. I started at the 50 yard range using a 6 o’clock hold. I adjusted the sights so that the point of impact coincided with the point of aim. The ammunition used was plain-Jane 55gr. FMJ.


Happy with the group obtained using the M16A1 sights and crappy trigger pull, I moved to the 100 yard range.



Without making any sight changes or pasting the target, another group was fired on the target. The rise of the bullet at 100 yards is clearly evident below.


The results closely follow the 50 yard zero depicted on the ballistic chart show here. They also follow the old Army doctrine of zeroing an M16A1 at 25 meters using the “L” sight aperture, then flipping the aperture down so that the POI would be low at 25 meters. So, both ARs are zeroed for a maximum point-blank range of 250 yards


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