So very close…

July’s PPC match in Seaford. Per my usual regimen, I fired three relays. The first two were of no help to my current high average of 461.00 points @ 96.04%. Last year, I finished with an average of 468.33 points @ 97.57%. So you see, right now I am behind the curve. But I still had one more chance today of improving….

Relay three started well with Stage “A”. A near perfect 180-14X!

July A

But as we all know, stage “A” is the easy one. Stage “B” is the pain. The first string of 12 rounds at the 15 yard line garnered all “X”s and “10”s. The second string of 18 rounds at the 25 yard line is where the trouble lies. The first magazine of 6 rounds fired kneeling from the right side of the barricade felt good. As I stood up, I reloaded with six more rounds and transitioned my pistol into my left hand. Even though I practice shooting with my weak hand, it is always my handicap. From the left side of the barricade; the first five rounds felt ok, but the sixth round fired as the front sight blade drifted to the right side of the rear sight notch. At that distance; I could not see its impact, but I knew it was not good. I reloaded with my last magazine and moved to the right side of the barricade. With my 1911 back in my strong hand, all six shots felt good.

July B

With the firing line safe, we walked forward to score. As I got closer, I could see the results of that crappy shot. On target, but outside the scoring ring. That big fat .45ACP bullet would have done a marvelous job of disabling the left arm of a perpetrator. But here, it was a waste of ten potential points. Two inches to the left would have added seven points to my score and helped my average. But there it was, a glaring zero leaving me with a 455-19X. I have only three more matches remaining in the season in which to improve.

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