First rifle match of 2020….

With many of the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, Bucks County Fish & Game was allowed to resume matches yesterday.

The morning started out perfect. It was cool and overcast. Then an hour before the match it started to rain. Since we shoot from a covered firing line, rain is not an issue. But shortly thereafter, the sun came out in full fury and the moisture began to boil up out of the lawn in front of us! Oh well, deal with it.

As always, we start the day with the Service Rifle match. I elected to use my AR-15A2.

9-28-19 (1)

The National Match Course starts with my nemesis, the dreading slow fire standing position. Already the humidity is climbing and my glasses are fogging. Ten rounds for record, I struggled to score an 85-0X. Next up is the rapid fire sitting stage. Ten rounds in 70 seconds with a reload. Normally I do well sitting (Ha, ha I just heard that in my head!) Unfortunately, I leaned a bit too much against my rifle sling and pulled my group low left. The resultant miserable 78-0X really hurt. The next stage is the rapid fire prone. I need to well here. When the smoke cleared, I didn’t do well enough, a mere 90-1X. Last up is the slow fire prone. Twenty rounds in twenty minutes. With the sweat really irritating my eyes, it was difficult to focus. The last four rounds were Hail Marys. Finished, I turned in an unhappy 166-1X. My end result for the match was a disappointing 419-2X. Come on next month!

The Swiss Schützenfest was next. Most everyone was shooting K31 rifles today.

K31 (2)

Due to a supply chain mixup there was a shortage of B4 targets.


Thus we would only be shooting a truncated course consisting of the Obligatorisches Programm and the Einzelwettschiessen. No Feldschiessen today. The Obligatorisches Programm is the Swiss qualifier and you must qualify in order for any other stages to count! As the qualifier progresses, it get faster. I held it together and happily scored a qualifying 83!

The Einzelwettschiessen is a tough course. Ten rounds slow fire in ten minutes. No rests, slings only. The A10 target is way tougher than the NRA SR-1. The X-ring is about the size of the rim diameter of the 7.5x55mm Swiss cartridge!

I started out well with a solid “10” then the two “9”s. You can see where this going. I was tiring and the shot group was growing. Those two “5”s sounded the death knell. A total of 74 points out of 100 would mean no joy today.

But at least I qualified!

6-27-20 Einzelwettschiessen

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