May PPC match results…

Today was this month’s match day for the Delaware Law Enforcement Marksmanship Association. Per my normal routine, I fired in three relays today. My first relay was a complete throwaway. Out of a possible 480-48X, I turned a pathetic 447-17X! I had raced through each stage of the relay and it showed. Forcing myself to slow down, my next relay tallied a fair 453-22X. Better, but it did nothing to help my season high average.

Relay Three….

I made sure that I used all of the allowed time in each firing string. I cleaned Stage “A” with a near perfect 180-13X.

5-7-17 A

I strove to watch my speed at the longer distances in Stage “B”. But then there are those six rounds at 25 yards from the left side of the barricade. And sure enough; I pushed two rounds to the right, into the “7” ring. The total for the stage was a 277-7X giving me a total of 457-20X. This relay did help and pushed my average up to 458.33 points @ 95.48%.

5-7-17 B

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