Don’t ask me why….

In conversation with a friend I find out that he disassembled a pistol belonging to his wife. You guessed it…. Reassembly proved elusive. The pistol in question was a French MAB Model A in .25ACP. Apparently it was brought back home from WW2 after being acquired in Italy. She only knows it belonged to her relative, no back story known. Personally I have images of a eye-patched prostitute coming to mind but that’s not important. The Model A is an adulteration of the Belgian Browning. This Model A fell into the second of the two normal classes for this ilk of impotent ordnance. The first being a rusted paperweight caused by neglect, indifference or disdain(pick one). The second smaller class is that of near new condition. These popguns are in such good condition due to the fact that they are rarely if ever fired. Generally; upon purchase or nefarious trade, one full magazine of pathetic ball ammunition is run through the gun just to make sure it goes bang. Then a pull thong is yanked through the barrel and the pistol is wiped down. The magazine is reloaded and inserted back in the gun leaving the chamber empty. Said mouse gun now spends the foreseeable future in a vest pocket, store owner’s till, sock drawer or the above mentioned concubine’s garter. Either way, the Lilliputian roscoe is put back together to be taken out once a year for a single magazine salute to its questionable past!


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