August PPC results…

It was scorching hot today and the dew was boiling up off the grass beneath our feet. Not optimal match weather to say the least. As usual, I fired three relays. 144 rounds for record. My first run was a throw away. 454 points out of a possible 480. My current high average for the season is 467.33 points @ 97.36%. I was going to have to post a score of at least 464 to be of any help in my fight to remain State Champion.

My second attempt started out better but the dreaded left hand barricade stage doomed me to a score of 454-22X. The Seaford heat was hampering everyone’s score but that is no excuse.

One last run for the day. Do or die.

Stage “A”

I took every second of allotted time and posted a near perfect stage score of 180-15X!

Stage “B”

The first half of the stage went well, only dropping 5 points. So a total score of 475 was… possible. Just be perfect!

Note to self… never forecast the outcome.

The stage and match finishes up with the barricade. 6 rounds kneeling from the right side, 6 rounds standing left handed from the left side and 6 rounds standing from the right side. The first six went smoothly. I reloaded and transferred my Kimber M1911 to my left hand, supported by my right hand. Rounds 1 and 2 felt good. Number 3 was sloppy. The next pair felt pretty good. I jerked number 6!. Reloading with my last magazine, I surveyed my target. The group appeared centered around the “X” ring. Except, for two holes low right. From the distance I could not be sure if they were “7”s or “0”s. Nothing to do but shake them off and finish the match.

Never give up, ever!

My last 6 rounds of .45ACP thundered down range and I finished with about five seconds left on the clock. As I walked down to the target, two big holes were staring at me from 4 o’clock. One of those big .451″ bullets kissed the scoring ring awarding me with seven points. The other busted the silhouette’s left elbow and scored a big, fat zero.

My total for the third relay was a disappointing 459-22X.

No joy in Mudville tonight.

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July Rifle Match results…

I started my day off using my 1942 M1903A3 Springfield rifle.

As per custom, we began with the CMP rifle match firing the “A” course. I did NOT have my game face on and I turned in a measly 251 out of a possible 300 points. No joy here.

Immediately following was the World War II Memorial match. The competition is fired over two month. This gives competitors an opportunity to fire an Allied rifle one month and an Axis rifle the next month. Having no Axis rifle of my own, I elected two shoot two different Allied rifles. I emerged from last month’s match in the lead with my M1 Garand!

Nothing is forever as Karl edged me by three points this month to knock me down to 2nd place. He is a great shot so I cheerfully tip my hat to him.

The day’s festivities are concluded with the Swiss Schützenfest.

I was not required to to shoot in the Obligitorisches Programm as I had already qualified with my 1937 K31 earlier in the season.

In the Feldschiessen match I got a little loose but I held it together enough to earn yet another Karte for my trophy wall!

Next up was the Einzelwettschiessen. A slowfire match on the dreaded A10 target. The X-ring is the size of the 7.5x55mm Swiss cartridge case head!

The match is either 10 or 15 rounds for record. If 15 rounds are fired, the shooter may elect to fire another 15 rounds on a second A10 target in the kneeling position. The combined 30 round score makes up the Meisterschaft match. I had barely posted a medal score in May. Last month, I did not make the cut.

This month was going to be different. My first shot was a “10”. Then two more “10”s, followed by an almost perfect “X”! Continuing forward, I elected to not review my hits with the spotting scope at my side. I knew the rifle was holding the “10” ring as long as I did my job. I fired six more rounds in 60 second intervals. Ten rounds for record complete. Time to look through the scope. I could only see eight bullet holes! There was no way I put two shots off the reservation! I elected to halt there and call it a day.

The match director was able to find two near perfect doubles in the shot group. My final score was a 90-1X! With a possible gold medal score today and four more chances in the rest of the season, the Meisterschaft may be in my reach. I’ll keep looking over my shoulder for Karl though.

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Test day….

Recently, I wrote about having to use a new bullet for my .303 British rifles since the Sierra MatchKings were not to be found. I loaded a series of rounds with powder charges of IMR-4895 from 38.0 grains to 40.0 grains in 1/2 grain increments. I was hoping to come up with a common loading that I could use in both my SMLE No. 1, MkIII and my No. 4, MkI.

As it worked out, I was successful! 38.5 grains was the most accurate in both rifles. The best prone slung group being this!

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July PPC match results…

Today was clear skies and 80’s. My first two relays were OK, with scores of 459 points each. Good, but they did not help my season high average.

My third run did though.

Stage “A”

I cleaned the stage points-wise with an almost perfect 180-14X!

Stage “B”

Striving for perfect trigger pulls, I kept the group centered. Only a trio of “8”s marred an otherwise great run. Still, the resultant total of 463-20X improved my average. I now move up from 466.00 points @ 97.08% to 467.33 points @ 97.37%!

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June Rifle Match Results…

Today’s triple header was fired in sweltering humidity that made for a long day as we took numerous breaks.

CMP Rifle Match:

I fired my M1 Garand which has never failed me yet I failed it. I posted a poor score of 244-8X out of a possible 300-30X.

World War 2 Rifle Match:

OK; after some water and rest, it was time to redeem myself! The WW2 match is fired cold and blind. No sighters and and no spotting hits during slow fire. No competition shooting coats or gloves allowed. A hasty sling may be used in all stages.

First up was the standing stage. Ten rounds slow fire. This time, my M1 Garand and I were spot on. A score of 48-3v out of a possible 50-10v was a great start!

Rapid fire prone follows with ten rounds with a reload in 70 seconds. Another great run with a 47-5v!

The match is finished with slow fire prone stage. Ten rounds slow fire. I stayed in the groove and nailed down a 48-4v! My total score of 143-12v out of 150-30v put me in the lead over both Allied and Axis rifles! The match will be fired again next month and since I don’t have a Mauser nor an Arisaka I cannot try to win high Axis rifle. So I will try to improve my Allied rifle score with my 1946 M1903A3.

Swiss Schützenfest

I managed to score high enough in the Feldschiessen to earn another Karte for my “Love me wall”!

Alas, my 81-4X in the Einzelwettschiessen would not garner any awards for me today.

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June Police Pistol Combat results…

My first two runs did not help me at all. But my third was a keeper.

Stage “A”

Damn near perfect!

Stage “B”

Finishing the relay, my final score out of a possible 480-48X was a 470-21X! This brings my season high average to 466 points @ 97.08%.

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World War II Rifle Match…

Bucks County WWII match                           

Match Goals:

  1. Encourage lively and friendly competition with ETO WWII service rifles in the manner consistent with D-Day and Hedgerow fighting, summer 1944 to spring of 1945.
  2. To encourage practical marksmanship with WWII rifles


  1. Must be pre-1945, WWII service rifle or carbine design, may be post war manufacture.
  2. If post war manufacture, minor design changes ok (No4 MkII, M1 post-war sights, etc)
  3. Must be in original caliber.
  4. Appearance must be military configuration, standard weight barrel only.
  5. Minimum trigger weight 3.3 pounds (1500 grams).
  6. If sling used, must be issued with that rifle in WWII.
  7. Hasty sling only, sling remains attached to both sling swivels.
  8. Sniper rifles permissible but must use open sight only.
  9. Open sights must be original in all ways
  10. Internal adjustments for accuracy allowed but must be consistent with period technique. No glass bedding or NM rifles, altercations to gas system for reloads allowed.
  11. No recoils shoes, added weight, sight aids, friction tape may be attached to rifle.
  12. Stripper clips allowed for reloads, cleaning kits can be in storage space.

Personal Equipment allowed

No shooting hats, jackets or gloves may be used.  Standard military jackets, headgear, gloves or other individual equipment may be used.  Shooting glasses, pin-hole apertures mounted on the glasses allowed. No non-aiming eye blinders not allowed, shooting mat and spotting scope may be used.  Hearing and eye protection allowed.


Higher Axis rifle

High Allied rifle

(91/30 can shoot as either side, must declare side at sign in.)

Matches:      There are no alibis in this match

Hurgarten/Karelian/Peleliu Firefight: 10 shots for record at the LRCR-C Target in 12 minutes.

Standing, hasty Sling allowed, single load only.

D-Day/Bagration/Guam Assault:10 shots for record on LRCR_C Target, with one reload, 70 seconds

Rapid fire, prone, starting from loaded action aimed at target, sling allowed, Axis rifles only may use forward hand rest.

Remagen/Lauben/Iwo Jima stage:

            10 shots,prone no support, sling allowed only.

Match is total of stages 1 through 3, possible score is 150-30V

Targets:  LRCR-C

                                                  LRCR-C target 

Match dates and fees:

June 19, July 24, concurent with CMP A course, after 50 shot NMC match

Cost 5 dollars.

Match location (physical location):             1745 Turk Road, Doylestown, PA 18901

Match contact:                                      Frederick Richardts 215-766-1331

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May Rifle Match results…

I elected to use my M1 Carbine in today’s CMP “A” course.

While I had bagged a silver medal with my carbine recently at Camp Butner, today was not good for me.

But that would change with the Schützenfest.

I easily qualified for the season in the Obligatorisches Programm.

Stage “A”

Stage “B”

Next up was the Feldschiessen. Eighteen shots in four relays, the match speeds up as it progresses.

My resultant score earned me another Karte for the wall.

Einzelwettschiessen. I started out well until that errant “7”. But I kept it together enough to pull down a medal score!

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2020 DLEMA season results…

After commanding second place in the state for several years; 2020 of all years, was the year for me!

I had competed in Police Pistol Combat back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s when revolvers were still the king in competition. After pursuing other shooting endeavors, I returned to PPC in 2006. Except now I was using my Kimber Custom II .45ACP in the NRA Police Stock Auto matches. I made the Governor’s Twenty, landing in 9th place. Each year since has been an uphill battle culminating in second place for the last few years.

The DLEMA trophy is held by each winner during the current season.

So, 2021 is dedicated to defending my title. I am sure that the legendary John Manship will be coming at me like a freight train!

Even though the NRA runs the Governor’s Twenty program in each state. NRA doesn’t appear on the certificate awarded by the State. It was removed so that Gov. Carney would actually sign it. He had refused to previously as he hates the NRA. Well the NRA still runs the show and his name is on my wall. Win, win.

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May PPC match results

Two of my relays today, negated lower scores from April. My 450-28X this morning erased a previous 443-20X. Today’s high score nullified last month’s 446-21X.

Stage “A”

I started the match with a almost perfect 180-16X.

Stage “B”

A lone “7” and a single “8” brought my resultant total score down to a 459-21X. My high average now moves up to 459.33 points @ 95.69%!

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