Old World Resurrection…

Long, long ago a friend had given to me the sad partial remains of a venerable old Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I* rifle. When I received this classic .303 British rifle it was incomplete. It consisted of just the barreled action, bolt and magazine. The finish was mostly a fine rust. Tragically, the barrel had been cut down. The donor informed me that the barrel surgery was done to mitigate a damaged muzzle.

A sporterized hunting rifle was its destiny now. The metal was cleaned up, polished and blued. A Monte Carlo stock set was later acquired in a trade.

The rear sight was removed, and an S&K scope mount was installed. The rear sight mounting ears and the charger bridge provided a secure platform for the mount.

The square “S” denotes that the rifle was manufactured by Savage Arms for the WW2 Lend-Lease program.

The rifle later in its life was sent to Fazakerley Royal Ordinance Factory near Liverpool, England for a Factory Thorough Repair as denoted by FTR (F) Mk 1/3.

Serial #: 86C0437

Marked “US PROPERTY” again shows it being an American rifle lent to the Tommies.

The magazine was the original as it wears the correct serial number.

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1 Response to Old World Resurrection…

  1. David Hewgley says:

    Very nice . At this point I wouldn’t sporterized an original. Except when given a gun in the condition you received this one in . Great job. And nothing wrong with the ones that were sporterized back in the day when the market was flooded.

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