End of the year rifle match finale…

It was cold and dreary on the rifle range, but I did not care. This my last chance to earn any more awards for the season.

The M1 Garand Cup Match.

This the oldest trophy awarded by the Bucks County Fish and Game Association for rifle competition. Limited to as-issued M1 Garand rifles chambered in .30-06, it is a challenging match.

I did ok barring a few errant rounds in the standing position. In the end though, I have to tip my hat to Glenn Carpenter who knocked me down from Gold to Silver!

The World War One Memorial Rifle Match.

I did well in the November phase of this two-month competition. I was hoping to improve my previous score this month. My British 1916 Lee-Enfield SMLE was capable of winning, but it would come down to my performance behind the trigger.

Slow Fire Kneeling.

That lone “3” down at 4 o’clock would come back to haunt me! The resultant 45-3V should have been better.

Rapid Fire Prone.

An almost perfect 50-8V!

Slow Fire Prone.

I dropped a single point for a stage total of 49-9V!

When all was said and done, my 144 points out of a possible 150 would not be enough to beat John Triol who hammered it with a 148! So again, I must be content with a Silver medal.

Swiss vs Mauser Border Challenge Match.

My 1946 Swiss Karabiner K31 has put more than its share of awards on my wall.

In the Bullseye portion of the match, I did ok with a 44 out of 50.

However, in the speed portion of the competition I failed to earn any bonus points which dropped to a 4th place finish.

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