World War 1 match practice…

Next Saturday is the last rifle match of the 2021 season. After last month’s World War 1 match. I was in second place. Since the match takes place in November and December, it provides some options. You can shoot a rifle from one side of the war in November and shoot one from the enemy side in December. There are two awards at the match completion. In my case I have only one World War 1 rifle in my collection. Thus, I can fire my 1916 SMLE in both months for the one award I am eligible for.

I am using my .303 handloads using Lehigh Defense 150gr. Match Solid bullets.

100 yards.

Zoomed in. This is about how it looks when I am behind the rifle.

Ten rounds. The lower of the top two holes in the V ring is a double. A score of 50-9v out of a possible 50-10V!

My rear sight elevation setting for point of impact intersecting with point of aim. I had experimented with raising the elevation and aiming at the bottom edge of the target for better sight picture definition. But the offset was too great and messed with my cheek weld. So I will stick with what works best. Put the white nasal area of the target on top of the front sight post, and squeeze.

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