September Rifle Match results…

Service Rifle Match

I opted to fire the match with my AR-15A2.

My first five of ten record shots in the slow fire standing position were all in the black. The last five however grew progressively looser. I finished with a mediocre 83-0X.

Moving next into the prone position for the rapid fire stage. A magazine of two rounds followed by a magazine of eight rounds in 70 seconds. Leaning too much against my rifle sling, the resultant group moved left. So, I finished up with an OK 91-1X.

The last stage of the match is prone slow fire. My group was better centered but not tight enough in the smaller scoring rings of the simulated 600 yard target. Another score of 91-1X was recorded.

Out of a possible 300-30X, my official tally for the match was a 265-2X @ 88.3%.

The President’s Rifle Match.

I sucked. I blew it. I picked up my rifle and dropped my brain! Nothing more to say here.

Swiss Schützenfest

Time to rack my AR-15A2 and bring my 1942 K31 to the firing line.

I had previously qualified in the Obligatorisches Programm so I sat back and relaxed while other competitors attempted to pass the Swiss Army qualification course. Once everyone was done it was time for the Feldschiessen. Fired on the novel B4 silhouette target, the course speeds up as it progresses. Six rounds slow fire then three rounds sustained fire. Another three rounds of sustained fire and finished with six rounds rapid fire. The target is scored as follows.

With exception of a lone “2” that I yanked, I am happy with my score of 60 points. It made the medal score cut off and is my best so far for this season. So now I have earned six Kartes for my wall and at least a silver medal. There are two months left to fight it out over who gets the lone gold medal.


A slow fire prone match, it is fired on the Swiss A10 target. The scoring rings are much tighter than on comparable NRA targets. The match can be fired with either 10 or 15 rounds. I started out well with a pair of “10”s. The following several shots were “8”s and “9”s. Then it happened. I mercilessly mashed the trigger and sent the 7.5mm bullet out of the black to score a lousy “4”! Now I am in trouble. Surveying the damage through my spotter’s scope, I know I won’t make the cut off of 84 points for ten shots with the remaining rounds. I will have to fire the extra five rounds and pray for at least a 126.

Did I do it? Not even close. A craptastic 106-0X. But out of five attempts this season, I did make the cut three times with scores of 85, 88 and 90 points. So I am guaranteed at least a silver medal. But in the remaining months of the season I will need a really good 15 shot score so I can attempt the Meisterschaft match.

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