September Pistol Match Results…

Today was the next to last match of the 2021 season.

I went into today’s competition with a season high average of 467.33 points @ 97.36%. My average for last year was 467.66 points @ 97.43%. So close!   

Two of my runs this morning did nothing to help me out. Earlier in the year, sure. But today I needed to score at least a 464 to be of any benefit.

My best run of the day kicked off great in Stage “A” with zero points down. A near perfect 180-15X!

The first half of Stage “B” was smooth with only a lone “9” so far. In fact, it was the “9” just outside the “10” ring at 4 o’clock. The second half of the stage was the 25 yard barricade. Six rounds kneeling from the right side, no sweat. Reload, stand up and switch hands to fire around the left side. Always my most difficult part. I slowed down and struggled for six smooth trigger squeezes. A couple felt sloppy. With time running out. I reloaded and transitioned the pistol back to my right hand. All six felt good as I finished the match. Once the line was cleared we headed down to score. There they were, just like I knew they would be. A pair of .45 caliber bullet holes low in the “8” ring. When the score was tallied and signed off by the scorer I was rewarded with a 467-24X!

With only next month’s match left in the season, my high average inched up to 468.66 points @ 97.63%!   

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2 Responses to September Pistol Match Results…

  1. Hal says:

    Outstanding, John! Thanks for the detailed report! -Hal

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