August Rifle match results…

The rainy day started off with the CMP rifle match. I did fair. In the standing stage, I posted a score of 83-0X. In the rapid fire prone I fired a 91-1X. In what should of been my best stage; the slow fire prone, I fired a meager 86-1X. A match total of 260-2X out of a possible 300-30X.

Next up was the Armalite Rifle Match. Consisting of a bullseye stage and a combat stage, I managed to come in at 2nd place!

Today’s triple header ended with the Swiss Schützenfest.

I did not have to fire the Obligatorisches Programm as I had already qualified earlier in the season.

The first event for me was the Feldschiessen. Alas, I got loose towards the end and missed the cutoff by one point!

But I did make the grade in the Einzelwettschiessen. Despite my sending one way out into the “5” ring, my score of 85-1X was good enough!

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