August PPC results…

It was scorching hot today and the dew was boiling up off the grass beneath our feet. Not optimal match weather to say the least. As usual, I fired three relays. 144 rounds for record. My first run was a throw away. 454 points out of a possible 480. My current high average for the season is 467.33 points @ 97.36%. I was going to have to post a score of at least 464 to be of any help in my fight to remain State Champion.

My second attempt started out better but the dreaded left hand barricade stage doomed me to a score of 454-22X. The Seaford heat was hampering everyone’s score but that is no excuse.

One last run for the day. Do or die.

Stage “A”

I took every second of allotted time and posted a near perfect stage score of 180-15X!

Stage “B”

The first half of the stage went well, only dropping 5 points. So a total score of 475 was… possible. Just be perfect!

Note to self… never forecast the outcome.

The stage and match finishes up with the barricade. 6 rounds kneeling from the right side, 6 rounds standing left handed from the left side and 6 rounds standing from the right side. The first six went smoothly. I reloaded and transferred my Kimber M1911 to my left hand, supported by my right hand. Rounds 1 and 2 felt good. Number 3 was sloppy. The next pair felt pretty good. I jerked number 6!. Reloading with my last magazine, I surveyed my target. The group appeared centered around the “X” ring. Except, for two holes low right. From the distance I could not be sure if they were “7”s or “0”s. Nothing to do but shake them off and finish the match.

Never give up, ever!

My last 6 rounds of .45ACP thundered down range and I finished with about five seconds left on the clock. As I walked down to the target, two big holes were staring at me from 4 o’clock. One of those big .451″ bullets kissed the scoring ring awarding me with seven points. The other busted the silhouette’s left elbow and scored a big, fat zero.

My total for the third relay was a disappointing 459-22X.

No joy in Mudville tonight.

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