July Rifle Match results…

I started my day off using my 1942 M1903A3 Springfield rifle.

As per custom, we began with the CMP rifle match firing the “A” course. I did NOT have my game face on and I turned in a measly 251 out of a possible 300 points. No joy here.

Immediately following was the World War II Memorial match. The competition is fired over two month. This gives competitors an opportunity to fire an Allied rifle one month and an Axis rifle the next month. Having no Axis rifle of my own, I elected two shoot two different Allied rifles. I emerged from last month’s match in the lead with my M1 Garand!

Nothing is forever as Karl edged me by three points this month to knock me down to 2nd place. He is a great shot so I cheerfully tip my hat to him.

The day’s festivities are concluded with the Swiss Schützenfest.

I was not required to to shoot in the Obligitorisches Programm as I had already qualified with my 1937 K31 earlier in the season.

In the Feldschiessen match I got a little loose but I held it together enough to earn yet another Karte for my trophy wall!

Next up was the Einzelwettschiessen. A slowfire match on the dreaded A10 target. The X-ring is the size of the 7.5x55mm Swiss cartridge case head!

The match is either 10 or 15 rounds for record. If 15 rounds are fired, the shooter may elect to fire another 15 rounds on a second A10 target in the kneeling position. The combined 30 round score makes up the Meisterschaft match. I had barely posted a medal score in May. Last month, I did not make the cut.

This month was going to be different. My first shot was a “10”. Then two more “10”s, followed by an almost perfect “X”! Continuing forward, I elected to not review my hits with the spotting scope at my side. I knew the rifle was holding the “10” ring as long as I did my job. I fired six more rounds in 60 second intervals. Ten rounds for record complete. Time to look through the scope. I could only see eight bullet holes! There was no way I put two shots off the reservation! I elected to halt there and call it a day.

The match director was able to find two near perfect doubles in the shot group. My final score was a 90-1X! With a possible gold medal score today and four more chances in the rest of the season, the Meisterschaft may be in my reach. I’ll keep looking over my shoulder for Karl though.

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