June Rifle Match Results…

Today’s triple header was fired in sweltering humidity that made for a long day as we took numerous breaks.

CMP Rifle Match:

I fired my M1 Garand which has never failed me yet I failed it. I posted a poor score of 244-8X out of a possible 300-30X.

World War 2 Rifle Match:

OK; after some water and rest, it was time to redeem myself! The WW2 match is fired cold and blind. No sighters and and no spotting hits during slow fire. No competition shooting coats or gloves allowed. A hasty sling may be used in all stages.

First up was the standing stage. Ten rounds slow fire. This time, my M1 Garand and I were spot on. A score of 48-3v out of a possible 50-10v was a great start!

Rapid fire prone follows with ten rounds with a reload in 70 seconds. Another great run with a 47-5v!

The match is finished with slow fire prone stage. Ten rounds slow fire. I stayed in the groove and nailed down a 48-4v! My total score of 143-12v out of 150-30v put me in the lead over both Allied and Axis rifles! The match will be fired again next month and since I don’t have a Mauser nor an Arisaka I cannot try to win high Axis rifle. So I will try to improve my Allied rifle score with my 1946 M1903A3.

Swiss Schützenfest

I managed to score high enough in the Feldschiessen to earn another Karte for my “Love me wall”!

Alas, my 81-4X in the Einzelwettschiessen would not garner any awards for me today.

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