2020 DLEMA season results…

After commanding second place in the state for several years; 2020 of all years, was the year for me!

I had competed in Police Pistol Combat back in the ‘80s and early ‘90s when revolvers were still the king in competition. After pursuing other shooting endeavors, I returned to PPC in 2006. Except now I was using my Kimber Custom II .45ACP in the NRA Police Stock Auto matches. I made the Governor’s Twenty, landing in 9th place. Each year since has been an uphill battle culminating in second place for the last few years.

The DLEMA trophy is held by each winner during the current season.

So, 2021 is dedicated to defending my title. I am sure that the legendary John Manship will be coming at me like a freight train!

Even though the NRA runs the Governor’s Twenty program in each state. NRA doesn’t appear on the certificate awarded by the State. It was removed so that Gov. Carney would actually sign it. He had refused to previously as he hates the NRA. Well the NRA still runs the show and his name is on my wall. Win, win.

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  1. a man with no name says:

    well done

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