November Rifle match results…

Yesterday’s shooting events started off with the Armistice Day Memorial Match. Fired on the 50 round National Match Course, it is restricted to rifles in service during World War I. Currently I have only one rifle that fits the bill, my 1916 Short, Magazine, Lee-Enfield Mk III in .303 British.

I apologize for not having any pictures of the targets. But I am delighted to report that I took 1st Place in the match! I thought for sure that Ed was going to give me a run for the money with his M1917 but I guess fate was not kind to him.

The second half of the day was the Swiss Schützenfest. It always starts with the cold bore Wettschiessen. And I started by failing to clean and dry the bore the night before. My first shot went way wide into the “2” ring of the A5 target. The following five rounds through the now fouled barrel grouped much closer to my point of aim giving me a 23 out of a maximum 30 points..

The dreaded B4 camouflage silhouette target is scored as shown below.

The second stage of the Wettschiessen was much better, earning me a near perfect 23 points. That low right shot was totally my fault. So my total for the Wettschiessen was a 46 out of a possible 54 points.

Next up is the Feldschiessen. Six rounds slow fire followed by a pair of three round strings sustained fire and finished with six rounds rapid fire. I was faring well until the rapid fire string. Rushing it, I leaned too much against the rifle’s sling and strung my hits vertically heading south. My worst Feldschiessen score of the season.

Perhaps I could finish the day with a good score in the Einzelwettschiessen. Fired on the tight ringed A10 target, there would be no joy here for me. I pulled my last five rounds low and dashed any hopes.

So that concludes the regular season, leaving only the M1 Garand Cup and the Swiss vs Mauser match next month.

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  1. wU3*s62^zX76EQ%jrJJ4v8A$bE&Ju^ says:

    Outstanding, thorough accounting of your adventures. Fine shooting, Sir!

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